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Tongue Tied provides experienced, professional, English and Foreign Language Voice-Over artists for most of the Worlds languages. We used skilled, specialist script translators who adapt the translation to the requirements of your audience.
Translation for voice-over is quite a different story from regular translations.
First of all, the translator needs to keep in mind that the words are meant for speech.
Secondly, cultural and language differences must be considered in the wording and references in order to convey the same message.
Finally, translations often increase or decrease sentence lengths by several percent, which must be counterbalanced in the translation if the script is timed and/or meant for.synchronization.

Why Us:

  • [+] We only work with professional translation agencies, assuring highest quality
  • [+] For large-scale projects we develop a unique term database with agency collaboration for project consistency
  • [+] As we handle the translation of your voice-over script, we'll make sure that it meets our production requirements. We will serve as your one-point of contact, thus saving you valuable time on coordination
  • [+] The recording can be carried out at a studio of your choice or in one of our associated studios, available worldwide, to meet your timescale and budget. Many of our professional voice-over artists are able to work “in house” to eliminate studio costs.

To Summarise:

  • [+] Voice-overs for the majority of the world’s languages
  • [+] Locations to suit the client
  • [+] One-stop shop for translation and production
  • [+] Competitive pricing

Case Study

“Tongue Tied provided TBG Learning with a fast translation service for our extensive voice-over requirements. Our Account Manager always replies to our enquiries with speed and has worked with us to provide a tailored solution to meet our specific needs.”
Hayley Nicoll, Marketing and Communications Manager - TBG Learning.

You've probably heard our voices already as Tongue Tied has provided voice-overs for The Department of Transport and Driving Standards Agency, translating and recording the voice-overs for driving examinations into 36 languages. We have also provided translations and voice-overs in 12+ languages for CITB (The Construction Industry Training Board) Examinations.

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