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We translate a huge variety of documents large and small covering technical manuals, training programme materials, sales brochures, agency and distribution agreements, website content and much more into and out of English for all the world’s languages.

A key area for us is translating materials for collaborative educational programmes for children living in refugee camps in the developing world.

We can work with all types of script from Roman, Cyrillic and Arabic to Chinese and Braille and formats from PDF and HTML to Word and Excel etc
When we receive files from a client, we firstly ensure they are in a translator-friendly format.

Our objective will be to minimise the number of words by identifying repetitions plus words in the text that do not require translation. Through our extensive DTP facilities we can then If required, reproduce the end result in whatever format the client needs for their finished document.

Why Us:

  • [+] Our goal is to maximise accuracy, minimise cost and minimise turnaround time.
  • [+] We use the latest translation management software which will reduce your costs through identifying repetition in the text.
  • [+] Whatever the requirement, confidentiality is assured.
  • [+] We ensure your translated products are reviewed following our industry-leading Quality Management System.
  • [+] Winner of 2016 Award for Best UK translation company

To Summarise

  • [+] All world languages covered by in-country industry specific translators.
  • [+] Any kind of document, manual, brochure.
  • [+] Competitive pricing.
  • [+] Quick turnaround.
  • [+] Thorough reviewing.
  • [+] Confidentiality assured.

Case Study

"I had to write to thank you and your team for the excellent translation services your company has provided Aura Corporation on our recent and very complex project for Mazda Motors Europe. The translations were highly accurate - not only because of your team's linguistic abilities, but also their understanding of our business, the project and the target audiences for the various pieces of collateral. Most of all though, I must express my gratitude for the speed and the patience of your team. The project moved, changed and expanded and it is true to say that, without Tongue Tied's help, we would have found it very, very difficult to meet our deadlines.

Aura Corporation - Project Mazda Motors Europe

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