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Tongue Tied provide accurate, reliable and confidential transcription services.
Our transcriptionists are based all over the world and specialise in all subject areas whether it be financial, medical, academic, legal, research, marketing or IT.
Tongue Tied has the capacity and experience to effectively deal with all market research transcription projects, including in-depth interviews / idi’s, focus groups, breakouts, podcasts, telephone interviews and much more.
Once files have been transcribed, all transcription work is subject to a further quality assurance process. This also allows us to provide feedback and improve the abilities of our own staff constantly.
The transcriptions can be written into a template supplied by yourselves or we are also able to provide transcription templates.
All transcribers sign a non disclosure agreement with Tongue Tied.


  • [+] Each Transcription is unique and charged per minute of audio. Factors influencing the price include:
  • [+] Number of languages and people talking, desired format of transcription and subject conversation.

Case Study

“I'd like to thank Tongue Tied for the excellent service you provided. On each occasion I had need of a quotation, you responded quickly, courteously and efficiently, often asking supplemental questions to ensure that the translation you supply is fit for purpose and relevant to the recipient. Your excellent staff have guided us to the ideal solution when a client is unsure of the appropriate convention. We have used translation houses in London with international offices, and others even with a language school attached, but I can honestly say that Tongue Tied has acquitted itself as a fine example of a business that is interested in helping its clients and providing a quality of service eat a competitive price in a time scale that is truly remarkable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tongue Tied to anyone requiring translation services.”

Adrian Barker, Managing Director - Transcription Direct

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