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Proofreading is done on every Tongue Tied translation before being sent back to the client.
All Tongue Tied proofreaders are professionally-qualified experienced native speakers from their respective countries. They have been selected for the quality of their work and vast experience in proofreading services.
We can also do proof reading on existing translations provided to us at a substantial discount depending on the quality of translation provided to us. If it is more economical to re-translate the entire document we will inform the client.
Experience normally allows us to accurately quote on price and delivery, assuming the translation is reasonable, estimating prices based on word count at half of the list price for translation.
We would need the source and translated documents in order to proofread a document for you and the proofread document would be marked with track changes showing any amendments made by our proofreaders and delivered to you within an agreed timeframe

Case Study

“ I have nothing but appreciation for the excellent job that Tongue Tied did in translating and proof reading the European Retreading Review. Not only were your translations accurate but I had many calls from readers noticing the improved quality of the translations. They were provided on time, in a format easily usable by our layout team and at a competitive price.”

David Wilson - Tyre Press International

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