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With a large, international experienced team of native-speaker interpreters, we can assist you with any interpreting request.
Our interpreters will travel within the UK or overseas to attend your conference or seminar, or perhaps to a studio to complete video/audio voiceovers.
Interpreting can be either consecutive or simultaneous and can range from a one-to-one business meeting to a conference with 100+ delegates.

Why Us:

  • [+] Tongue Tied is one of the largest UK interpreting service providers providing our service all over the world.
  • [+] We have gained a leading position as a supplier of professional interpreting services to public sector bodies, private companies, and professional organisations
  • [+] Extensive range of interpreting options
  • [+] We also offer a bilingual placement service

Telephone and WebVideo Interpreting

Telephone and Webvideo is becoming an increasingly popular option in certain situations, as there are no expenses for travel and possibly accommodation as with conventional interpreting services.
Tongue Tied offers a telephone interpreting service to and from every language. Quick and simple to organise, we can have a professional interpreter on your conference or sales call within minutes.
Charges vary according to language on a minute basis.

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment

Tongue Tied also offers Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment, Interactive Voting Systems and Conference Microphones. Interpreter booths fully equipped for 2 or 3 interpreters and conforming to the ISO 4043 standard for portable booths.

  • [+] Digital infra red transmission systems including handsets and lightweight headsets for wireless transmission of up to 32 language channels
  • [+] Digital push-to-talk conference microphone systems – both wired and wireless
  • [+] Fully trained operators
  • [+] Portable tour guide systems – for use where interpretation is required on factory tours and in other situations where interpretation is required on the move

To Summarise:

  • [+] Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting
  • [+] One-to-one meetings
  • [+] Research discussions / focus groups
  • [+] Interpreting to a conference with 100+ delegates
  • [+] Telephone and web video interpreting
  • [+] Long and short term bilingual placements

Case Study

From The Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust we received the following..” Tongue Tied supplied us with a range of 50 different languages, many of which were minority languages, and including British sign langauge. Our usage of interpreters for University Hospital averaged around 3500 contacts per year, arounf two thirds being supplied by Tongue Tied. The quality of service we experienced from this company was exemplary with excellent response times, often at very short notice, and a considerable amount of understanding and sensitivity with respect to clinical situationsand issues. Patients and health professionals alike had nothing but praise for the interpreters and booking staff supplied by Tongue Tied….”

- Gwen Guthrie Msc,FIBMS, Csi, Intepreting Services Manager The Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust.

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