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Our dedicated Desk Top Publishing team can work with any file format and layout you provide including non-Latin character sets, such as Russian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese.
We will return the translated document in the same format and layout as it was provided, so you can publish and use it immediately.
Latest releases of all industry standard packages are supported including: PC and Mac, AutoCAD, Corel Ventura, FrameMaker, Interleaf, PagerMaker, Quark Express, In Design and Illustrator.

FTP facility

Large or confidential files can be securely uploaded and viewed on the customer area of this website.

  • [+] Password protected , Time saving and reliable.

Industry Standard Translation Software.
We use the latest releases of Trados and other leading translation software to analyse documents and create a glossary of terms for each customer.

  • [+] Increases accuracy, reliability and efficiency.
  • [+] Ensures consistency across all documents over time.
  • [+] Costs reduced with every translation.


  • [+] We also provide a full printing facilities for manuals and documents and can arrange for worldwide delivery in soft and/or hard copy.
  • [+] Printed on our state of the art 4-colour digital presses for high quality, quick turnaround print for small quantities, or using our 4 and 5-colour litho presses for larger quantities.
  • [+] We can deliver your requirements for just 1 copy or 20,000 copies and whether it's a brochure, manual or folder.

Case Study

“Tongue Tied has been providing us with translation and DTP (InDesign) of our brochures and technical instruction leaflets into several languages over the last few years. We are delighted with the quality, speed and accuracy of their work and thoroughly recommend them to others.”

Jon Glover, IT Director - Aurora Ltd

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